It's summer - the best time to meet. Outdoor festivals, celebrations, swimming pool bars, active holidays and leisure all add to the contact with new women. Are you among those who manage to seize the opportunity, or are you a little reluctant and feel insecure but also desire? Can you recognize the signals when a woman wants you, when she is interested in having fun or even doing something more adventurous that evening? Conversely, can you read between the lines when it's a futile endeavor? Come and learn how to easily recognize the flirting signals by which a woman says: I want you!

Men are more restricted in gesturing worldwide than women. We can easily show interest, disinterest, joy and outrage without unnecessary wrapping. We just go straight to the point by nature. This often pays off, in many life situations, but at the same time this social "numbness" limits us in the perception of small details, in the accurate reading of the body language of our counterparts. Notice how in many films women move unnaturally, so to speak, they play their femininity and sensuality. It's easy to see why the filmmakers are resorting to this - they simply don't want to demand a perfect social feeling from the male viewer, so the "volume" of gestures turns right. What is the reality of the gestures used? Unlike men, who have only 10-15 gestures, women have more than 50 flirting gestures. No wonder he who is not one of the best seducers in the city overlooks many of them and misses the chance or drowns in his own insecurity. The good news is that little is enough and you can learn to perceive small nuances, because most of the experienced schemes are constantly repeated and also create an environment for them.

The sight reveals the most - we focus on eye contact

A man who looks away from a woman reveals insecurity and nervousness. At the same time, it is deprived of a completely key reading element. It's like driving around town, but you don't know the road signs. How would it turn out? And would you feel confident? Answer yourself… Do not hesitate to stand in front of a mirror at home and practice eye contact with yourself. You will quickly get used to the eye-to-eye view and practice in the "field" will be easier. Then just watch how he looks at you. But at the same time, don't hypnotize it, otherwise you will act like weirdos. If a woman is interested in you, not only will she look at you, but she will also be caught doing it repeatedly. Friendly, curious and even challenging eye contact through a full room of people is a clear sign that she wants to talk to you that you are interested in her. When you make eye contact yourself and she catches your eye, her eyelids and eyebrows rise and fall immediately, you have a clear reason to go after her to address her. Don't be persuaded for such a long time, otherwise you will risk losing her interest.

Facial Expressions - An Analysis to Success

When you are close to each other, having fun at a bar or sitting at one table, you have her face exposed in front of you like a canvas in front of a painter. You don't have to try to make her laugh with the best jokes, feel free to be a listener and pay attention to the expressions on her face instead of exaggerating. The most striking combination of elements is when a woman plays with her lips, bites her lips, thinks or listens, and agrees with almost everything you say. The same goes for licking lips. It's a subconscious way to draw attention to them, but it's also because women's lips dry out when they're aroused. An experienced observer may also notice signals of interest, including dilated pupils or overly active eyelids, when a woman blinks excessively.

Touches and games with hair

Women who are insecure often do not know what to do with their hands, so they play with their hair and everything they have on hand. Don't confuse this body language with provocative gestures. The gestures you desire, which you are waiting for, will appear as soon as the nervousness subsides and the woman relaxes. Gentle movements, such as thoughtless twisting of the hair on the fingers or stroking, are all signs that a woman is interested in you - the opposite of nervousness! What should keep you even more alert and help make sure you're on the right track are touches on erogenous sites. When a woman often touches her neck, collarbones or lips, she signals that she wants you. It's a common subconscious way to draw attention to these parts of the body and show you that it's sexy. She can also stroke her thighs or adjust her pants to draw attention to her legs if she is confident in her body and does not want to hide anything. In this case, the most significant sign is when a woman puts her foot over her leg and the upper leg points the tip at you.

Motion Mirroring - See if it mimics you

When a woman agrees with you, tries to look pleasant and is interested in you, she often completely unconsciously accepts your gestures and movements. This is called mirroring. You will quickly recognize that she is on the same wave as you and ready to follow you. However, this method is badly applied simply by sitting at a bar or sitting at a table. It needs movement, enough movement! The perfect environment for this is a music festival, an opportunity to dance or go together to do some outdoor activity when you meet on vacation. Remember that joint activities also lead to a rapid deepening of the relationship due to shared emotions. The very interest of a woman going with you shows her interest in you. Don't let the opportunity slip through.